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Should you seal your grout?

Yes, it is highly recommended that grout be sealed. Having unsealed grout leaves the joints open to stains, moisture, cracking, and discoloration. Depending on the type of grout we recommend annual maintenance.


How often should grout and tile be sealed?

If your tile and grout is properly maintained and cleaned, the duration of the sealant should be close to what is stated on the label. 


How do you keep your grout clean?

Grout is a porous substance and properly maintaining your sealed tile and stone investment can keep it looking new for long periods of time. We highly recommend using non-acidic pH cleaners regularly. 


How do you repair cracked grout?

Repairing your grout is a complex process that when not done properly can cause potential damage to surrounding tiles. Contact one of our representatives for a professional grout cleaning and repair.


How do you repair cracked tiles?

Our tile technicians will exam the broken tiles and make an assessment for what needs to be done. Most tiles will need to be removed, the area cleaned and the tiles replaced.  


What is the difference between sealing and enhancing?

Sealing grout and natural stone will help keep oils, grime, and chemicals from penetrating the grout and stone causing discoloration and wear. Using an enhancer only brings out the vibrancy of tiles color and shine. 

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